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Technical Design


Creative Consulting for 

Tech Companies

One of our earlist projects was a San Francisco based autonomous robot, Emoto robotics developed an advanced system for emotionally intelligent robotics. The company transitioned into a corporate solution for restocking aisles for supermarkets.

Tech Case Studies

AirYacht by GevTech

The founder of GevTech approached Sage for Technical Consulting, Advisory and Design services to complete a Pitch Deck for raising capital.

Sage developed a premium document using limited resources and provided a strategy for approaching investors.

FUNDFAC by Align

The founder of Align contacted Sage for Technical Consulting, Advisory & Design services to develop their intial concept into an investable startup.

Sage created a business model, marketing material and a Pitch Deck for raising capital.




- Analysis of Business Model & Operational Systems

- Market Research & Audit of Competitive Advantages

- Research & Development for Product Optimization


- Technical Advisory Board Development
- Product Development Plan
- Capital Raising Strategy


- Pitch Deck Design & Corporate Documents

- Product & Packaging Design

- Logo & Brand Manual Design


- Website & App UX / UI Design & Development

- Advertisement Design & Media Buying
- Social Media Management & Content Design

Tech Case Studies

The founder of 7Sigma approached Sage for Technical Consulting, Advisory and Design services to optimize a startup brand and complete a Pitch Deck for raising capital.

Sage developed a creative direction and developed a high-end document for onboarding new investors.

MetaSmile by Dr.Paul Dominique

The founder of dental startup approached Sage for Technical Consulting, Advisory and Design Services to develop a loose concept into an investable project.

Sage developed a comprehensive plan for launching the startup, creating an effecient tech stack, establishing a board of advisors and designing several Pitch Decks.

Tech Case Studies

FIO Protocol

The board of directors approached Sage to work collaboratively with the in-house Marketing & Business Development team to improve operations.

Sage developed a strategy for entering a new marketplace and attract users from a previously untapped demographic.

Consulting services were used to asses the internal resources and audit the companies trajectory.

Advisory services were leverage to develop a plan for optimizing their website and brand to be aligned with current trends.

Design services were used to create sales collateral, marketing material and decks were designed to submit new concepts to the board of directors.

Fanverse by

The founder of blockchain based promotional company approached Sage about developing a social media influencer focused ecosystem.

Sage developed a trending design for pitchdecks, branding and concept art for a proposed blockchain powered Metaverse.

Consulting services were instituted to establish a competitive business model that Gen Z users would utilize. A system was developed using SOP's to streamline the process of creating land in the metaverse built for celebrities and influencers to promote.

Advisory services were engaged to provide their team with a creative director and build a inhouse design team for the development of animation for advertisements and NFT collections.

Design services were contracted for the development of multiple Pitch Decks and collateral for marketing the launch of the project.

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